Car maintenance you should do regularly.

How many times have you purchased a car and actually read the car’s manual? According to an article in the Guardian newspaper hardly any one actually reads their car’s manual. The first stop for any form of car maintenance is contained within this important document. Always read your manufacturer’s car manual for further information on how to perform this maintenance.

Give your car a quick once over

This is quick and easy to do. You don’t need a ramp or any specialist equipment and could save you time, and money. Every month it is strongly recommended that you do a basic safety check of your car. Check the tyre pressures, check you have enough tread on your tyres and check all your lights are working.

Check your levels

This is a very simple but often forgotten check, however running low on engine coolant or oil could cause damage to your engine. The levels you need to check are the antifreeze, power steering, coolant and wiper fluid. It is also highly recommended you check and top up your oil levels and brake fluid; changing where necessary. The general rule of thumb is to check your levels before every long journey, or at least once per week.

Check your battery

Most modern day batteries are maintenance free; however it is good to get into the routine of checking your battery. What you are looking for is to ensure that the battery is not leaking and there is no build up at the contacts. If there is it is recommended to clean it off using a battery cleaning brush.

Change your timing / cam belts regularly

If your timing belt snaps while you are driving this is costly! It is well worth the few minutes it takes to ensure that the timing belt (if you can access it), is in good condition and you are within the manufacturer’s recommended mileage. Most manufacturers recommend the timing belt is changed every 40,000 miles.

Check and replace your windscreen wipers

Can you see out of your windscreen when it rains? This is a problem many motorists tend to ignore, however it is a major safety concern. If your windscreen is proving difficult to see out of, it is probably time to change your windscreen wipers.