Gadgets that Make Car Repairs Easier

Car repairs are a necessary part of life, with hundreds of vehicles needing servicing, maintenance or repairs every day. While one mechanic can theoretically perform all of the tasks by himself, vehicles tend to be bulky, heavy and, when broken, very difficult to move and work around. These ingenious gadgets can help with even the trickiest of car repairs

A voltage meter enables electrical faults to be found quickly and easily, so that the mechanic can efficiently isolate the problem area and begin to work on a fix. It can be a lengthy and frustrating task to change fuses, adjust settings and rework wiring, only to find that the car component is still not working. The voltage meter can pin point the precise area of the fault, so the mechanic can locate the problem efficiently, devoting more time to the repair than to trying to find the issue.

An under the hood light can assist the mechanic in studying the entire engine area of the vehicle without needing to hold and move a torch around. These cunning devices hook onto the bonnet and shine their light evenly over the whole surface, making it easier than ever to spot problems and fix them. The mechanic only needs to place the lights once and then has a clear and uninterrupted view of the engine. These lights, unlike normal single point lights, do not need to be moved or re-angled as they offer a wide, clear area of illumination. The lights attachments are coated in soft rubberised material to prevent scratches to the vehicles paintwork.

This machine enables a solo mechanic to lift and manoeuvre a vehicle by him or herself. Cars and vehicles can be moved to the requisite part of the garage almost effortlessly, and the mechanic will not only save physical wear and tear on themselves, but they will save time and money too.

A battery carrier is a simple but useful gadget. Tightening a screw clamps a handle down onto a disconnected battery which then makes it a simple matter to remove the battery from its customary place and carry it to where it needs to go.